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型號(PratNumber) G2138N51U
數量(QTY.) 12000
廠家(Brand) GMT
封裝(Package) UDFN-12
批號(DC.) 20+
聯系人(contact) 顏先生/William
電話(contact) 0755-82170220,21001680

G2138N51U主要應用于手機屏控制市場  ,現貨熱銷!

General Description

The G2138 is a high-performance step-up charge

pump and inverter to generate two output voltages, it

is including pumping controllers for positive and negative

output voltage. The following content contains the

detailed description and the information of component


The positive charge-pump controller provides adjustable

regulated output AVDD and fixed -1 ratio of AVEE

to supply the TFT.

The pumping clock can be generated by internal circuit,

to reduce the control signal from driver IC. Or the

charge and pump state can be synchronized with LCD

display TE signal (PSYNC), it can reduce the interference

to display quality when states change.

The device requires only five (12 pins) small and

low-cost ceramic capacitors is available in

UDFN1.5X2.4-12 package for smart phone LCD

panel’s driver IC.

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